Parish of Swords Clonmethan Kilsallaghan Donabate & Lusk
Patrick Comerford's photograph of birds flying above the towers beside Saint Columba's Church in Swords

Who's Who Around the Parish

Here are the contact details for Swords, Donabate, and Kilsallaghan, plus the organisations and groups that are based in the churches and the halls. We hope you find them useful.

If you have any problems or questions, you can always get in touch with us, have a word with a churchwarden the next time you're in church, or ring the Rector, Neal Phair, on 01 895 6747.

Ministry Team

Reverend Neal Phair call 01 895 6747 or email
Reverend Ken Sherwood call 01 803 8485
Lay Minister Addy Patterson email

Saint Columba's Church, Swords

Rector's Churchwarden Sam Essandoh 083 304 1758
People's Churchwarden Olawale Awe 087 761 3971
Select Vestry Hon. Treasurer
& Rector's Glebewarden
William Goodwin 086 1692 375
Select Vestry Hon. Secretary
& People's Glebewarden
Andrea Patterson
or 086 086 6698
Church Grounds Anne Forsyth 086 608 6343
Pastoral Committee Hon. Secretary Eleanor McQuinn 086 328 5780
Church Hall Hire and Bookings Nora Murray
Sunday Club / Sunday School Gillian Haynes 086 854 1079
Select Vestry Members Margaret Coyle, John Mattins, and Stephen Vincent

Saint David's Church, Kilsallaghan

Rector's Churchwarden Ian Falkiner 01 8405 129

Saint Patrick's Church, Donabate

Select Vestry Hon. Secretary
& Rector's Churchwarden
Brian Scott 087 611 5174
People's Churchwarden Niall Minto
Select Vestry Hon. Treasurer Peter Maxwell
People's Glebewarden Kate Hender 01 843 6785
Sunday Club / Sunday School Kelda Barnes 01 8435 984
Select Vestry Members Brian Allen, Sally Beazley, Arthur Griffen, Gordon Hempton, Albert Pratt, Michael Swarbrigg, and Glynis Wilcox

Organisations & Church Groups

Apostolic Faith Church
Syrian Orthodox Church
National School 01 8407 036 or
Badminton Margaret Wolfe 086 361 3108 / Billy McClean 01 840 4627
Ladies' Tuesday Club see the Facebook page
Girls' Brigade Caron Neale 01 8407 110
Junior Boys' Brigade Stephen Vincent 01 8903 892
Anchor Boys Audrey Ayres 087 6416 269
Ilyo Taekwondo Club Paul Sheridan 086 037 7587 or
Rugby Tots
Fingal Horticultural Society

Safeguarding Trust

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