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Saint David's Church in Kilsallaghan

Saint David's Church, Kilsallaghan

Saint David's Church is in Kilsallaghan. Like Saint Columba's Church in Swords and Saint Patrick's Church in Donabate, it is a centuries-old church on an even more ancient ecclesiastical site.

The reduced ruins of a castle stand in the next field. It was thought until recently that Saint David's was built as the castle's chapel, but in fact historians have determined from the archaeological evidence, including how the castle's defences and the layout of the churchyard intersect, that there was a church here long before the castle was built.

Saint David's is a comparatively compact church, seating around fifty-five people, and has a small but very dedicated congregation. Saint David is best known as the patron saint of Wales.

The building is simple in the classic Georgian way, and is enhanced by later additions of Victorian lamps and a single very beautiful Edwardian stained-glass window. The stained-glass window was commissioned by Harry Clarke, the stained-glass artist of An Túr Gloine fame, and was assembled by Michael Heaney (1873-1941), a pupil of Clarke's.

Saint David has recently undergone extensive renovations, thanks to the dedication of its Churchwarden Ian Falkiner and his wife Fran, and now it's in perfect condition, the church has been re-opened to the public for services and events. It's the ideal venue for a country wedding, and local cultural groups such as the Historical Society of Oldtown and Rolestown meet there regularly. If you'd like to book it for an event, call Ian on 01 8405 129.

Saint David's Church is the spiritual home of the Church of Ireland parishioners, and also receives great support from non-Church of Ireland people who live in the locality. The annual Carol Service held each December is notably a celebration for the whole community in this tranquil rural place of worship.